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A New Business Book from Greg McAfee, HVAC Business Expert

HVAC business owners who aspire to make the most of their drive and customer loyalty will appreciate this short, unique and valuable book about realizing your dream and getting to the next level.

It’s MY Your Dream is packed with practical insight, encouragement from other successful business leaders, and full of Greg’s sincere desire to help other entrepreneurs, Greg McAfee delivers real-life examples and proven initiatives to help grow your service business.

"When my business was in its infancy, we did a few critical things right..."

With a focus on dominating your local market, making the most of what you have (through employees, expertise and endorsements) and looking bravely into the future, Greg McAfee helps you understand where you are, where you need to be... and how to get there.

"Every dream — no matter how small or audacious — must be backed by strategy, or it simply will not take flight."

Don’t wait. Don’t waste another minute. Find out how Greg McAfee can help your business grow...and you will grow in the process.

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Here's what people are saying about the book...

"If you own a business or if you want to own a business, I recommend "It’s My Your Dream." Greg McAfee’s eight rules for success are elegantly simple, yet profound, and are built from his entrepreneurial experiences. This book is full of practical, well-considered advice. Buy it and read it. You’ll be glad you did." David Heimer
Chief Operating Officer
Service Roundtable

"In a relatively quick read, Greg has provided a succinct, focused, and valuable tool for any small or medium sized business that wants to take their organization to the next level. As business people, we often overlook or discount the sound basics of the lessons covered, and Greg enhances those lessons with coaching of his own. His personal accounts and hard-learned wisdom only strengthen the message and effectiveness of Greg's work."Ray Isaac - President
Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
Isaac Home Energy Performance
Rochester, NY

"This is a must read for any small business owner. Rather than getting caught up in editorial proofing as I usually do, I found myself thinking of ways to use your information in my own business. This is definitely a well-written book, easy to read, and one that people will find extremely valuable".Mike Murphy

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