E-News #59 October 2016

A Vote for Small Business

DISCLAIMER: As a small business owner and admittedly not a politically correct person, I’ve done my best to keep this fact-based, rather than delving only into my personal opinion. Please keep this in mind – an open mind – as you read.

Electing a new U.S. President should be taken very seriously. As a matter of fact, the upcoming election could be the most important in fifty years. Small business owners face issues that are squeezing us from every side, every angle, and something as simple as buying American has become a major challenge! As Gary Shapiro put it on his FN Opinion contribution on August 12, 2016:

“Thousands of new rules and regulations create new costs for small businesses. Almost every entrepreneur and small businessperson laments the new federal rules they are forced to deal with [and] understand and pay lawyers to help them navigate.

The Obama administration is responsible for six of the top seven all-time highest total number of pages of rules and regulations published in a given year in the Federal Register. Obama has added an average of 78,785 pages annually, up more than 2,000 a year from the 76,783 pages issued annually by his predecessor.

While all these new rules are well intentioned and have a purpose, they are killing smaller businesses, such as community banks, independent healthcare providers, manufacturers, and service providers… These rules give bigger companies a competitive advantage, because they can afford the lawyers necessary to stay compliant with federal law.”

Greg McAfee HVAC Consultant

Small business carries America. We provide 80 percent of all new jobs. The candidate who fuels small business realizes that we comprise the engine that moves this country forward, which propels our economy to success. The potential POTUS who does not fuel small business will continue to keep taxes high and keep citizens and small businesses overburdened and overregulated.

In a campaign muddled with social media frenzy, controversy, accusations, flip-flopping and backpedaling, investigations, and all sorts of other interruptions and distractions from the actual issues that concern us as American citizens and small businesses, it can be very difficult to make a wise decision or any decision at all. One thing remains clear in all this election melee: There is a distinct difference between the major candidates. One provides an atmosphere for success, while the other does not. One wants to eliminate the many EPA restrictions that send too many businesses under, while the other plans to tack on even more stringent and unnecessary restrictions that will create even more undertow.

My challenge to you is to think hard and, if you believe in prayer, pray for guidance at the polls. If you want a strong America, as we all should, and strong companies to work and thrive in, we must elect a president who wants the same.

Carry On!

Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant