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Greg McAfee’s Iron Sharpens Iron Business Roundtable focuses on business growth and issues that pertain to the business owner or key decision maker in the home service businesses. With hundreds of business owners sharing insight, this group is where you need to be.

As a business owner, we all need encouraged and sharpened at times and this is the table to do just that.


You can do it!

If Greg McAfee can do it…in Dayton, Ohio, you can too!

Greg made an investment of $274.00 and worked towards becoming the leading HVAC service provider in an area that’s been deemed one of the ten worst places to do business in the United States, Dayton, Ohio. Learn how he went from his humble beginnings to a growing multi-million dollar company.

And now, Former Marine Greg McAfee and his Team of Instructors are ready to share their knowledge with Business Owners. Don’t wait to sign up.

Join a group of powerful business owners and likeminded individuals today.


The Experience

Join our Facebook group for an interactive training session! For all those who have wanted to attend a Greg McAfee Boot Camp– NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Get advice and knowledge from the business owner you trust.

Meet your Coach

Greg McAfee

President McAfee Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.

In 1990, at the age of twenty seven and after serving in the United States Marine Corps, Greg McAfee founded McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning Co., Inc. in Dayton, Ohio. With a used truck and a meager $274 he grew his company to be one of Ohio’s leaders in the residential HVAC market. As a two time Integrity Award winner and multiple Best Places to Work awards, Greg knows how to grow a company the right way from the ground up.

In his new book, “Build and Grow Your HVAC Business”, Greg shares essential elements that will help any business owner or integrator take their business to the next level. He loves to inspire others to chase their dreams at full force, just as he has in his own life and business. Greg is still the working President of his company, and puts the same systems and ideas in to place at his own laboratory, the McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning Company. He resides in Beavercreek, Ohio with his wife Naomi. They have two adult children.



Greg McAfee

Business Coach

4750 Hempstead Station Dr.
Dayton, OH 45429

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