Branding Tip #68 December 2016

Share Your Story Let your community know who you are. Speak whenever asked and get in front of groups to tell your story. Carry On! Sincerely, Greg McAfee HVAC Business Consultant

Branding Tip #67 November 2016

Thank You! You can’t say it enough! How often do you say it? Carry On! Sincerely, Greg McAfee HVAC Business Consultant

E-News #60 November 2016

Down But Not Out! Most likely, we’ve all experienced personal or business ups and downs already. If you haven’t been through the downs yet, rest assured you will one day have to deal with a valley of some sort. Does that sound positive and optimistic? No way, but it’s realistic. Life has been defined as… Read more

E-News #59 October 2016

A Vote for Small Business DISCLAIMER: As a small business owner and admittedly not a politically correct person, I’ve done my best to keep this fact-based, rather than delving only into my personal opinion. Please keep this in mind – an open mind – as you read. Electing a new U.S. President should be taken… Read more

E-News #58 September 2016

What’s It Worth? You either started or bought a business. You work hard, and you are a great provider, but somehow, somewhere, you’ve lost your family along the way—you know, that family you got into business to take care of in the first place. It is a difficult balancing act to bide your time between… Read more