Branding Tip #15 June 2011

Don't Get Caught in a Marketing Maze
Avoid any marketing or advertising strategy that you are unable to maintain and keep fresh. What's worse than not having a presence in marketing or social media? Having a presence that's stale and neglected. A strong marketing presence, in any medium, requires:

1. Determining (and using) the optimum methods, times and locations for delivering your message.

2. Create a reason for consumers to notice you.

3. A commitment to proof-reading

Social media carries the same rules. Avoid creating a page on Facebook, creating a Twitter account or other social media presence, if you're not committed to managing it, and keeping it fresh. A stale social media presence indicates that you're not paying attention or interested in your potential customers and don't quite understand technology. That translates into doubt that your company can service their high-tech HVAC system properly.

Any marketing, advertising or communication initiative that is fresh, consistent, easy to look at and read, is far more effective than an elaborate plan that isn't being maintained... or managed.

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Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant