My church denomination of choice often holds something called a revival. A special speaker, an evangelist, is invited to hold several meetings with our congregation. As its name might suggest, the purpose of a revival is to renew the soul, to challenge us to become closer to God and live a better Christian life. Few of us ever admit that we need a revival, but by the time it's over, most realize we needed it far more than we thought.

Just as much as we require occasional spiritual revival, we need to be renewed and refreshed as business leaders as well. For the purpose of this newsletter, I'll define revival as "bringing something back to life, to reenergize and bring back the fervor."

By way of example, I received the following testimony from our most recent boot camp: "Hello, Greg. Just wanted to thank you again. I've sold $24,000 since we've been back. It was good to recharge the batteries going there."


While all of our Greg McAfee Boot Camps have been great, the most recent one was a most unique experience. The group was very open, and in the course of those discussions, I was reminded that no matter the size of the business, we all face problems as leaders.

On a daily basis, there are issues to contend with, and that is why revival is so very important. Here are three questions we should ask to help us focus on renewal and revival as a business leader.
  1. The Why. Why am I in business? Why did I start this? Why did I take this over? Why should I keep it going?
  2. The What. What do I expect? What am I doing to make it fun? What results am I looking for?
  3. The How. How can I turn this around? How can I continue to improve it? How do I create a better atmosphere that fosters success? How do I get through the messes that pop up?
Before you can act appropriately, you must know why, what, and how. Once you do, you'll revive—and that will help you survive and thrive in all your business efforts!

Carry On!

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant