E-News - Five Proven Ways to Hit Your Goals in 2013

Five Proven Ways to Hit Your Goals in 2013

1. You must set the goals
Think about six to ten items that you'd
like to accomplish
2. Think big
Make sure they can be accomplished,
but big enough to make you stretch
3. Write them down
Place them in a place that can easily
be seen
4. Look at them on a regular basis
A regular basis for me is weekly. I look
them over and think about each one
5. Cross them off when achieved
Nothing feels better than crossing off your accomplishments

According to Dave Kohl, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech:
  • People who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as people who don't.
  • 80% of Americans say they don't have goals.
  • 16% do have goals but don't write them down.
  • Less than 4% write down their goals and fewer than 1% review them on an ongoing basis.

Carry On!

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant