E-News - Five Ways to Prepare for Summer!

Five Ways to Prepare for Summer!
  • Is your team ready? Have you taken the time to explain this upcoming summer season and just how busy it is? Early preparation is key, so in April, we begin by reviewing the differences in our business between the first and second quarters. I’m not sure where you are, but I can tell you that for cooling specialists in Ohio, the hot and sticky second quarter is much busier! In addition to this, I also send out a letter to the families of my employees, alerting them to the likely necessity of their loved one to work overtime to cover the extra workload. Because I know my employees’ family time is precious, I enclose a gift certificate for a local ice cream place so they can enjoy each other and cool off together when they do have off time.
  • Is your equipment ready? Have you had all the trucks tuned up, the oil changed, and the tires rotated or changed? Because we know image and professionalism are important, we also have our trucks waxed and detailed to get them looking good for summer. We also remind our team that our fuel prices naturally increase due to longer driving times and ask them to avoid letting trucks idle unnecessarily.
  • Is your paperwork ready? You’re likely going to be doing a lot more business in the coming months, and with a lot of business comes a lot of paperwork. Do you have enough invoices and brochures printed? We typically buy larger quantities to lower the cost per piece. We also take inventory of all paperwork on trucks and in offices to make sure we are prepared for when the heat is on!
  • Is your marketing and advertising set up and ready? We lay out our entire year in October of the previous year. We know that what we do in March is not what we do in June or July, so that takes planning. Advertising is crucial to business success. Just ask Nike, who does $18.5b in sales but invests $2.5b (14%) in advertising. No wonder everyone knows their name, for they’re the largest shoe company in the world. What if you invested more on good advertising? Where would you be? The answer to that question is that you’d be better off, so just do it!
  • Is your customer base ready? Surely, it’s always better to be proactive than reactive. Hopefully, you’ve already sent out your Maintenance Agreement postcards or have made phone calls to your customers to schedule the appointments. Years ago, we mistakenly expected to be slow during certain months, and we sat back and took it easy sometimes, but today, we know better! Today, we plan to be busy year round. We’ve changed our thinking, and that changed our business!
Enjoy the summer...and Carry On!

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant