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I’m Not A Keynote Speaker

How many who attend seminars truly want to be challenged? I’m not sure we know, but if I were to guess based on my own experiences, I’d say it’s around 40 percent, if not fewer. Unfortunately, many see seminars and other educational and learning opportunities as little more than a chance to get away and party, perhaps in some exotic resort they would not otherwise have the chance to visit. The keynote speakers for these events are typically interesting, charismatic, or perhaps even well-known or renowned people who are great storytellers. They may not even work in the same industry as those attending the conference, but most still find it rather easy to just sit back and enjoy their story. Unfortunately, once story time is over, the breakout sessions are often not as full as they should be. These important, vital classes are all about change and learning how to do something new or something better, the real meat and potatoes of any seminar, yet too many refuse to show up for them and would rather sneak off to the pool or a nearby lounge that can be tabbed to their expense report. I am proud to say that at our aptly named Greg McAfee Boot Camp, there are no resorts, no exotic islands, and no beaches. In fact, for part of the year, it tends to be cold and rainy (perfect weather for those truly interested in the H of HVAC). It may not be on anyone’s list of Top 100 Places to Visit, but we do spend sixteen solid hours in either a classroom or on a tour, learning how to grow a business and prosper. This might seem boring to some, but for the true entrepreneur who is looking to take their business to the next level, it’s a blast! Greg McAfee HVAC Consultant Three Reasons to Attend a Conference or Boot Camp
  1. Learn what is going on in your industry. When you fall into the routine of dealing with daily tasks, activities and operations, it’s easy to lose sight of what is going on around you. Your industry is probably changing faster than your company, so you must stay upwind of those changes in order to take and keep your company ahead of the rest.
  2. Meet new people in your industry. In life, you have the opportunity to take part in many groups, but the best friends you can have are sometimes those who do exactly what you do every day, without you having to see them as competition. We have a lot to learn from each other, and it helps to share ideas, victories, and disappointments in business.
  3. Generate innovations and creativity. Anytime several growing and/or successful entrepreneurs are gathered together in one place, it is inevitable that new and exciting ideas will be discussed. Successful people are happy to tell you what is happening in their companies, so you will always have plenty of valuable information and effective tools to take back to your company so you can change the way you are doing business – for the better!
Carry On! Sincerely, gregmcafee-sig2 Greg McAfee HVAC Business Consultant