E-News - Is Your Company Outdated?

Is Your Company Outdated?


Look for an upcoming article on this same topic, but in the meanwhile here are some great questions for you to ask yourself:

  1. Is your business computerized?
  2. Do you accept credit cards?
  3. Do you offer financing? If so, do you offer 90-day, six months, one year or more same as cash?
  4. Do you have credit options with suppliers or are you C.O.D.?
  5. Is your customers' information stored in a database? Do you know how many you have? Do you have all model and serial numbers noted? Do you have all contact information including e-mail address?
  6. Do most or your employees have cell phones? Smart phones?
  7. Do you have GPS on your fleet?
  8. Are you using flat rate pricing?
  9. Do you and your team know how to text?
  10. Are you using wireless tablets?
  11. Have you gone paperless?
  12. Do you use barcoding for inventory?
  13. Are there furnace or a/c parts lying on any desk in your office? Is your office and/or desk free of furnace or a/c parts?
  14. Is your logo vinyl or wrapped?
  15. Have you removed your trade school diploma from your wall yet?
  16. Have you replaced your answering machine yet?
If you answered "NO" to three or less, you are considered updated!

If you answered "NO" to four, it's time to consider moving upward!

If you answered "NO" to five or more, you are probably considered outdated.

Carry On!

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant