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Just Serve Them

We often think of customer service as a job and sometimes even a chore, but what it really boils down to is something so much more important than job descriptions. It’s really about serving others. In the military, we call it “serving your country,” and police are expected “to serve and protect.” If you have ever been involved with these, thank you, but in the end, each and every one of us in every line of work should have customer service as our mission. Even Jesus came to serve, not to be served, and I can think of no better calling if the Bible says it was good enough for Him! It takes a lot of humbleness to serve, and true servant hood is a matter of the heart. Anyone can read a script to attempt to satisfy a customer, but it is a whole lot easier when you and your clientele have an actual relationship that goes beyond invoices and receipts. JC Penny quipped, “Every great business is built on friendship.” There is nothing wrong, therefore, with saying, “Hi, I’m Greg, and I just want to be your friend.” A friend is willing to go above and beyond to help. In fact, so precious is such a relationship that someone once said a true friend is one who will attend your funeral and never look at their watch once! Just think of how your business will thrive when you care this much about your customers. cs-border As much as we can benefit from servitude, our motivation should not be what we can get out of it. Nevertheless, the results will be very positive for all concerned. Not only will you build up a loyal customer base of people who enjoy hiring you and tell their friends to do the same, but it is also a healthy mindset for you. Those who serve others are happier, not as prone to depression, and they experience more thorough wellbeing, good fortune, and delayed mortality. There is something about serving that just makes you feel and sleep better. So put away the customer service scripts, templates, and books and just start serving. Treat your customers like friends, and serve them like they’ve never been served before, and you will reap much more than you ever thought possible. Carry On! Sincerely, gregmcafee-sig2 Greg McAfee HVAC Business Consultant