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Mobile Marketing?

Simply put, mobile marketing is communicating a marketing message with a consumer via cellular (or mobile) device. Notify consumers of special offers, emergency response or any service offer with a mobile marketing message and give them easy access to you and your website.

New York's Time Square is illuminated by millions of dollars worth of billboards advertising the latest and greatest. But take a walk around this famous gathering place and notice what people are focused on as they walk: they're looking down at their smart phones, getting personalized, real-time marketing messages!

Like anything else, mobile marketing can be done very well, or very poorly. Gomez, a web performance company in Detroit, offers these excellent tips on how to avoid common mobile web mistakes:

  • Know your customers.
  • Make your content easily accessible.
  • Be able to handle a high load.
  • Be able to respond instantaneously.
  • Know how your app looks from the customer's point of view.

According to X Marketing Strategies, a California company, "Communication and branding are changing before everyone's eyes. Businesses and individuals are realizing the power of real-time communication on the go...

...It's no secret today that everyone uses mobile phones for just about everything. People carry their mobile phones with them everywhere. Whether someone is a business professional or a business owner, if that person isn't communicating effectively via mobile, then that person isn't communicating effectively with today's customers."

As a leading company that strategizes to be "the first in" on a new product or service, we are in the process of developing a McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning Phone App. Watch for a demo in an upcoming newsletter, and start thinking about mobile marketing for your business!

QR Codes
So what is a QR code? Similar to an old-fashioned bar code, a QR (which stands for "quick response") code is a black and white graphic box that can be scaned. QR codes are tailor-made for quickly and easily linking to content on smartphones.

Simple uses include magazine advertisements that link to websites. There are a number of apps in the iPhone App Store that can read QR Codes, including the free QRReader. Most Android phones and BlackBerries are able to read the codes right out of the box, as can newer Nokia handsets. Windows Mobile users can download QuickMarks. All you need to do is launch the appropriate app, and point your phone's camera at the QR code you want to scan. Give it a try on my QR code above!

Learn more about using QR codes for marketing.

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant