E-News - Receiving New Team Members

Receiving New Team Members

0300 Hours: Parris Island, South Carolina
The Marine Corps Depot greeted 100 fresh recruits, including me, on a rainy, March morning. The 4 Drill Instructors who met our bus firmly told us to get out, and stand on the yellow footprints so that they could begin an inventory. Next, we were marched into a classroom with cold, stainless desks to fill out a seemingly endless stack of forms. For the next 18 hours, we were in "receiving" mode; receiving the issue of boots, underwear, camouflage gear, dress greens, shower supplies, shoe shine kits, and of course, very stylish haircuts. In 18 hours, we received enough gear to stuff the 2 duffel bags that would carry us through the next 13 weeks of Boot Camp, and beyond. We hit the rack at 9pm.

We were far from having the mental and physical preparation needed; yet we were well supplied with what we would need to become Marines.

Receiving New Team Members into Your HVAC Business
As you hire new installers, technicians, air duct cleaners or customer service staff, are you prepared to supply them with what they will need to survive their first 90 days in your organization? Do you have a training procedure in place that will ensure the best possible performance for your new recruit for the future... or do you simply have them follow a "seasoned vet" around for a few days and hope they get trained properly?

8:00 AM Receiving New Recruit at McAfee
At McAfee, we don't bring new-hires in at 3am, but we do expect them to arrive promptly, and take note if they are early. Just like those 2 Marine duffle bags, a new McAfee team member's day is packed:

  • The day starts with tour of our facility, a look at our fleet, and plenty of opportunities to point out how organized we are.
  • We lead them to key areas, like emergency exits and restrooms, and introduce them to all safety rules.
  • A complete team introduction is made, allowing for ample interaction and conversation.
  • The new recruit spends time reading through the "McAfee Way", a set of notebooks we've put together to explain how we do business: our culture.
  • Time is allowed for filling out all hiring paperwork, and turning it in.

From "Recruit" to "Team Member"
For every position in our company, each new hire spends the first few days being immersed in our culture. We are committed to providing each new "recruit" with the information they will need for the next several weeks of training.

Within the designated training period, as the President of the company, I will spend a few hours with them reviewing the "McAfee Way" and other handbooks, as well as giving them tips on how to have a successful career with us.

Like the Marine Corps, we want to turn our new recruits into valuable team members who will not fail. Through careful planning and preparation, our newest team members are given a good chance of success.

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