E-News - Take a Day Off!

Take a Day Off!

In spite of the fact that you've been working your tail off, you can't seem to make any progress, and you have no idea why. You work hard seven days a week and have probably missed far too many of your children's games and events, yet you don't seem to be getting anywhere. Why doesn't working harder work? Because all work and no play can make you a dull boy (or girl), especially once your brain is "fried." I once told an HVAC business owner that he had his head so far up his business that he couldn't see straight. He paused for a moment and acknowledged, "You're right." Even God took a day off!

Greg McAfee

Personally, I choose Sunday as my day of rest, and I'm not sure how I could make it through the next week if I didn't. It is essential that we give our minds and bodies a chance to relax and recharge, or our work will suffer in the end—as will our families, our health, our emotional and mental state, and a plethora of other aspects of our lives. It may take some adjustment and reorganizing to figure out what works best for you, but take a day or two off a week to help you think more clearly and do better at everything you do. In case you're skeptical about setting the work aside for a moment, ask yourself the following questions. If you answer "yes" to any of them, it's time for you to take some time for…you!

[  ] Do you find yourself continually struggling with various physical illnesses?

[  ] Are you facing burnout?

[  ] Do you almost always seem exhausted?

[  ] Are you facing a business failure?

[  ] Do you find yourself morally weak or susceptible to temptations?

[  ] Are you emotionally near the end of your rope?

[  ] Do you find yourself trying to do more to catch up or when you're already overloaded?

[  ] Do people find it tough to work with you?

Carry On!

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant