E-News - Take a Vacation

If you work in the HVAC industry, you know that taking a "summer vacation" can be tough. According to an article in Small Business Trends, only 46% of U.S small business owners plan to take a summer vacation this year. If you're among the 54% who plan on working straight through the year, you may think that free time is a luxury you can't afford. Here's some more interesting news: taking the time to unwind isn't just a treat for you and your family; it's a necessary part of running a successful business.

True and lasting success can only come when you take the time to unwind, stay sane, and invest in creating family memories. Vacations are great for reflection and rejuvenation.

Find a week, or even a few days at a time, during non-peak times to get away. Consider these tips from American Express Open for planning a stress-free vacation.

When not on vacation, learn the art of mixing family and life enjoyment into your busy work week by meeting your kids for lunch. Or, take one day to enjoy a local water park with family or friends. You'll be glad you did. An entrepreneur will never come to the end of life and wish they would have worked more.

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant