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Tune Out to Tune In

While reading the highly recommended book The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, I came across something interesting about habits. Since I love to eat and indulge a bit too much at times, the section on overeating caught my attention. Mr. Duhigg explained that those who struggle with overeating can go through the day without even realizing what they eat or how much food they consume in a day. He also shared that once those people start writing down what they consume, even if just for one day a week, many begin to eat less and lose weight as a result. Overeating is just one bad habit, but I’m sure there is something all of us wish we could just stop doing. For instance, in terms of business, what must we tune out in order to tune in?

Greg McAfee HVAC Consultant

Here are three bad habits business owners, presidents, and key leaders must stop:

  1. Being too easily distracted. As I write this article, I’ve been tempted to check my email at least fifty times, take three calls, replied to several texts, and listened in on a call my assistant took. Like the overeater, I would have remained unaware of how many distractions pull at me if I hadn’t started counting them. In today’s world of instant messages and electronic communication and the world-at-our-fingertips internet, you will likely find that your computer is probably the biggest distraction of all. This is a tricky situation, because we need our computers to work, yet they can also be the biggest detractors from our work and productivity. Someone has said that distraction and clutter take a heavy psychological toll and can keep us from doing our best work, and I concur. See for yourself! My challenge to you is to track, for just one hour a day, how many times you allow yourself to be distracted.

  2. Getting too comfortable. It is inevitable that there will be certain areas of your business that you enjoy more than others, but immersing yourself in those areas while neglecting others can really throw you off your game. For some, this might be staying out in the field too often. For others, the real problem might be avoiding the side of the business you feel you are not so good at. The simple truth is that the things we avoid are usually those we need to spend the most time on. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. If you are spending time only in our comfort zones, other areas—those that might very well be the most critical side of your success—may suffer greatly.

  3. Failing to set a vision for the company. A leader’s job is to the set the company’s vision, a tangible goal for others to follow. That vision must serve as fuel, firing up the team. When I passionately share my vision with my leadership team, it motivates them to share with their team and then figure out how to execute it. Not only do the people perish without a vision (Proverbs 29:18), but lack of vision will cause everyone to run blindly, hindered by no direction, indecision, and little to no growth.

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