E-News - What Kind of Community Entertainment Does Your Company Sponsor?

What Kind of Community Entertainment Does Your Company Sponsor?

After consulting several HVAC business owners, I’ve determined that the content we advertise, market, and support is what is the closest to our hearts and minds. For instance, if you recently lost a loved one who spent their last days on Earth in a hospice where they were well taken care of, you might be willing to support that hospice by advertising in some of their newsletters, etc. If your hobby is racing cars, perhaps you will sponsor a local pinewood or soapbox derby in your community. If you are politically active like me, you might even be willing to speak at an event for a cause you believe in, or perhaps you’ll even support a candidate for office.

I invest my money in building children up in the right way and strengthening our communities. I’m also very involved in my church and Christian schools, so when an uplifting concert is going to take place in our area, I’m right there to sponsor it…

What you believe in and support is up to you, but your name is important, and your endorsement can speak volumes. Therefore, be very careful what TV and radio programs are associated with your name. Pay attention to the newspapers you advertise in. Do these channels and these newspapers believe the way you do about the issues, politics, or causes? I just about fell out of my chair one day when I read a report that mentioned ten McAfee Heating and Air commercials aired during Desperate Housewives, a show that most definitely does not model the strong family values I believe in. But how did this happen? Simple. It was my fault for not paying close enough attention to where my name is showing up in an advertising bundle. It was a hard lesson learned, and it will never happen again!

You can use sponsorship and advertisements to build your business, but make sure you are only associating your name with the causes and groups that are not in opposition to what you want people to think about you or your company. You are your company, and what you do in it reflects you!

Carry On!

Greg McAfee
Greg McAfee
HVAC Business Consultant