E-News - What Takes a Customer from “Wow!” to “Whoa!”?

What Takes a Customer from “Wow!” to “Whoa!”?

wow-whoa Wow! can be defined in my world as the ability to deliver above and beyond customer experiences with empathy, excellence, and a sense of urgency. It takes a lot of work to wow a customer. It isn’t easy, and at times you have to be very creative to do so. Here are some examples of what we do to wow our customers here at McAfee Heating and Air Conditioning Co.:
  1. We offer after-hours service at the same rate.
  2. We wear floor protectors in every home, guaranteed.
  3. We make courtesy calls the day before and when we are on the way to their home.
  4. We try to leave a job cleaner than it was when we arrived.
  5. We install a system in one day or IT’S FREE!
  6. We follow up with a phone call or card.
  7. We wax the front of the furnace and/or the top of the a/c unit.
  8. We send out reminders when it is time for a system checkup.
I thought No. 5 might get your attention! However, putting systems in place can make it pretty easy to install a complete (retrofit) HVAC system with air cleaner, humidifier, running new lineset, thermostat, etc. in one day (8-10 hours). We do our best to leave our customers with comfort, confidence, cleanliness, and cheerful. Whoa! can be defined in my world as the reaction of a customer whose expectations were, in some way, unmet by the company. This dissatisfaction can be over a variety of matters, ranging from small to big. We don’t have to work as hard to get a “Whoa,” do we? Sometimes we don’t even have to try. Here are a few examples. To be fair and transparent, these have unfortunately happened at McAfee:
  1. We don’t show up for a job, due to improper scheduling.
  2. We do show up, but we’re at least ten minutes late.
  3. We show up on time but have the wrong equipment.
  4. We show up on time, but the technician smells like smoke.
  5. We show up on time but park truck in driveway, and it leaks oil.
  6. We scratch a wall or door and do not make the customer aware of it.
  7. We price wrong, and then have the audacity to ask for more money.
  8. We finish the job seemingly well, only to hear from the customer the next day that the heater pilot is out.
We’ve all been there, experienced some of these. The trouble is, it is very difficult to go from “whoa” back to “wow.” Nevertheless, we can recover and keep them as our customers by taking care of the issues and concerns, whether we were the cause of them or not. When it comes to customer service, always aim for the “Wow!” Carry On! Sincerely, gregmcafee-sig2 Greg McAfee HVAC Business Consultant