E-News #57 August 2016

When is it Okay to Copy Someone? When McAfee Heating and Air worked its way up the ranks to number one in the residential market, we noticed that many companies attempted to copy what we were doing well. When you start out with a humble $274 and a used truck, it’s an honor to be… Read more

E-News #56 July 2016

Mr. HVAC Contractor, you may be doing it wrong! One of my favorite old comedy flicks is the 1983 movie Mr. Mom. As a result of the early eighties recession, Jack Butler, a husband and father is laid off from his auto industry job. He bets his wife that he can find employment again before… Read more

E-News #55 June 2016

Is Your Company Outdated? Look for an upcoming article on this same topic, but in the meanwhile here are some great questions for you to ask yourself: Is your business computerized? Do you accept credit cards? Do you offer financing? If so, do you offer 90-day, six months, one year or more same as cash?… Read more

ENews #54 May 2016

What it Takes to be a Great Company – Part II Like many of you, I started working out of my garage as an unheard of wannabe. I did not come from wealth, was not raised in the area and did not have a well-known name. The McAfee anti-virus company was not as popular back… Read more