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Thanks for opening up your business to us. It’s nice to have an example of what success can look like, to help guide your goal setting. I came away with a lot of ideas, mainly that I need to do a better job hiring in the future if we’re going to grow beyond what I can do myself. I was impressed with the quality of your co-workers. I will definitely be raising my standards as well as learning to be a better manager / delegator. - Bryan McIntyre

Your boot camp really had an impact on me. I got the most from the statement “I’m employed from the neck up”. This really encouraged me to take charge of my business and to run it instead of it running me. I go home every night with my head throbbing a little, and get to work a little earlier every day and it feels great! You made a difference! - Bryan Kidder

I’d recommend Greg for future speaking engagements both in the HVACR field, as well as a general speaker. - John R. Hall

Great Boot Camp this week! I picked up so many things that will help me for some time to come. Your staff did an excellent job sharing their knowledge and were awesome hosts. I know you were all bombarded with questions from the attendees, but everyone did a good job at answering them and being attentive to us. - Dustin Wilson

Hello Greg, just wanted to say thank you again. I’ve sold $24,000.00 since we’ve been back from boot camp. It was good to recharge the batteries going there. - Jay

Sir, we are an MBE Company, specializing in HVAC installation. I really appreciate your emails. They are very informative. I give you the highest rating possible. - James S. Brown

I just got an email from my accountant congratulating me because my profits are DOUBLE from this time last year. Pretty cool! We are very happy to be working with Greg. The numbers speak for themselves. - Michael Ewing

I just wanted to say that as a fellow Christian I appreciate your boldness in reminding your readers of why we celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Risen Lord! Some people may not know why we celebrate Good Friday because they may not read the word, but they may read your emails. So, thank you! - Benita Robinson

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