Services for HVAC Businesses

Greg McAfee loves to share his experience in running an award winning HVAC business with other HVAC business owners. His process works, it works so well in fact, Greg will only work with companies outside his market area to protect his own operation. (What does that tell you about the power of his teachings?) Furthermore, Greg only works with a select few contractors each year; he might not be a match for what you need and if he's not, he'll tell you. Greg advises his clients that success is a process; not something found overnight. It takes time. Here are the many ways Greg can help you:

HVAC Business Coaching

Most HVAC business owners need to make the change from being the do-it-all man to becoming a business man. Greg was once a furnace-man, thinking there had to be a better way. He found a better way...

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Boot Camp and Other HVAC Training

Training equips you and your team for change and growth. Greg McAfee offers on-site training for HVAC business owners, managers and team members, as well as boot camps...

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Greg McAfee, author of the book, “It's (My) Your Dream”, will warm up any room with his practical, no nonsense ideas, processes, and motivation. Meeting planners looking for someone who is a dream to work with and the consummate professional will appreciate Greg’s approach...

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