Do You Have A Marketing Calendar?

Giving some thought, in advance of each season, and putting pen-to-paper (or ink-to-printer) to outline what you’re going to market and when is critical to the success of your HVAC marketing initiatives.

Do you know when you will switch your advertising and promotional efforts from heating to air-conditioning? Have you taken advantage of promoting system “check ups” or “maintenance” in advance of major holidays?

Ensuring that your existing and potential Customers are getting timely information that helps them prepare for the coming seasons is a great way promote sales. On the flip side, leaving seasonal marketing pieces in the media after their natural expiration date makes it look like you don’t pay attention to detail.

Greg McAfee’s Tip: Establish a yearly marketing calendar and share it with your team. You can always adjust and change it…but thinking about your marketing in advance will help you spend your budget dollars wisely, promote sales and keep your marketing messages consistent and timely.